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Atif Grewal

Mr. Atif is CEO of einnovention. He is skilled in programming and web development. After spending nearly a decade working in computer program development field, now he is name of trust. He has done some big project during the time. That includes Zamcg2016, Infinistaff, Shaunberg Inc, making this organization paperless.

A look of his whole career gives us inspiration. It is the journey of zero to self sufficiency. This includes a lot of ups and downs. He started his working with a small project when he was away from his home town. Searching his livelihood in a big city and trying to complete his study. He rose himself and gets his name in market with small projects. After continuous struggle he entered in gaming industry. He invests a huge investment in industry. Unfortunately industry collapse and he lost all his money. But that’s not end of his journey. He collected all his skills again. Put all his efforts. He enables himself to get registered his company in UK and then in US. Now he has lot of clientage from these two countries. He is running his company successfully with his full attention and hard work. It is all about how well you connect with the people.

Country Head

Saif Qadeer

Mr. Saif Qadeer is the Country Head of the Einnovention. He spends more than a decade the field of software quality assurance and validation. He is graduated from University of Michigan with Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Mr. Saif Qadeer is now utilizing his skills, education and experience for the development and growth of Einnovention. He is technical leader with passion for multi tenant platforms and managed services. He enjoys building high performance designers and developers team and lead them so that they can deliver business accordingly. He is contributing significantly to evolve Einnovention. He is also responsible for hiring experienced staff that can build and develop useful software for our clients. He is a leader who led in values and reflection of it shown in his work. Ongoing efforts by him are core of continuous improvement of company.

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